YaMama'Nym - "2:00 AM"

  • $16.00

This was the first commercial record I was ever on. I got with some old friends from high school and some new ones from college who dug Mint Condition and D'Angelo and voila! I had a hand in half the tunes even though I managed to miss the album photoshoot 😢. 

This first outing as a group is also the first record you can hear a young Alison Carney aka Ace Ono (Wayna), Dennis Turner (Oddisee), and myself as part of a larger musical collaboration. 

This record is an honest accounting of love and life, through the eyes of a bunch of friends who loved soul music; a fusion jazz rhythm section supporting some heartfelt R&B vocals. Once again, I'm not expecting another run of these CD's so grab them while they're in print.

Fun fact: This album actually is where Tre Barr's "Outta Control Entertainment" got the idea to change it's name to 2AM Music🤘🏾