Samuel Prather "Groove Orchestra" (Signed copy) w/ digital copy

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There's a groovy place where funk, jazz, & soul live in harmony. I hope you'll agree that it's inside this CD case 😀 This record is a tribute to the groove of Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, James Brown, Fela Kuti, and many others through the lens of jazz. 

This 9 track experiment began at Howard University as a concept for a mixed genre quartet record featuring funk lines on upright bass. I took a class on big band arranging and the scope of the record ballooned quickly into a cast of 14 people. Over the next 3 years I got help from some of the baddest musicians in the world who also happened to be friends I've met over my career. 

Upright bassist Kris Funn (Kenny Garrett/Christian Scott) who I've known since the late 90's, was the first recruit because he has a tone and feel that reminds me people used to dance to this instrument. In working with Howard's award winning Afro Blue vocal ensemble, I also met several of the best singers I'd ever heard in Christie Dashiell (Sweet Honey & the Rock/EJ Strickland), Micah Robinson (Bilal), and Shacara Rogers (Betty Carter Jazz Ahead)

I couldn't get most of these people in a studio at the same time so I came up with the idea to do something nuts. I was going to make every song in it's entirety using midi sequencing (Reason) and switch out as many of the fake instruments as I could over time. Because they were able to record separately, I was able to get most of the record done in my apartment, and a lot of great guests were able to contribute.

Industry veterans Samir Moulay on guitar (Macy Gray/Kamasi Washington), Fred Yonnet on harmonica (Dave Chappelle/Stevie Wonder, and Greg Boyer on trombone (Prince/P Funk) made contributions. There were also parts played by the friends I'd made at Howard, up and coming band leaders, and cats I'd worked with from the DC area through years of playing.

The resulting gumbo, the result of this musical rue three years in the making, is a fresh modern fusion of all it's parts; still jazz but mixed to sit right in a playlist of your favorite songs to party to. 

Enjoy ✊🏾 

CD signed by hand ( I'm old school like that )