Classic 2AM Music Albums

This is superfan territory here LOL. I used to¬†play keys in a R&B/Soul band called YaMama'Nym when I was in college ūüėú. It was an irreplaceable experience; I got to write and arrange more and more as the group grew and¬†ended up releasing¬†3 projects at our indie label "2 AM Music". Our cult fanbase wasn't big enough to keep things together but the music still lives. I also did a jazz record completely in Reason 3.5 (for all my production folks) called "Split Personalities". All of this music recorded between 2001-2008 is a piece of my story¬†leading to the Groove Orchestra. We only did one run of each CD so grab these rare physical copies while we have them because I don't know if/when another run will be made.