YaMama'Nym - "SOULAREVOLUTION" (Signed Copy)

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This was the last project from YaMama'Nym and a drastic change in personnel left Tre Barr, KJ Dennis, and myself as the last remaining veterans trying to make a record to continue carrying the R&B torch. Vocally KJ Dennis really shines on this record and I did some composing and producing that I'm super proud of. 

At this point the group had earned enough respect to have some guest appearances from Wayna (Stevie Wonder) and Tracie Thoms (Rent), as well as local artists J-Soul and Stephanie Matthews. 

It's definitely more produced than the previous two outings. I did a lot of programming in Reason learning from my solo record made my recording debut on acoustic and electric bass here. Despite the sound being different from what people had known us, for it was a solid record. The few songs recorded live were done well by Cory Baker on drums and Wardell Howell on bass. 

The band pretty much dissolved after this record but it was the beginning of my identity as a full service composer, producer, and engineer. I also designed the liner notes for the project complete with a photo collage tribute to all the members along the way. 

It's almost a lifetime ago, but we still have a limited amount of these available from the first run and they can be yours while they're in print. 

Fun Fact: The title is spelled SOULAREVOLUTION because it simultaneously was "Soul a Revolution", and "Soular Evolution"...we thought we were so deep :)

CD signed by hand ( cuz that's what I'd want lol )