YaMama'Nym - "Due Time" (Signed copy)

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This record was the second outing I had with the R&B soul group YaMama'Nym👏🏾. It's the sound that most fans associate with the group. This group is the one that took me on a USO tour of Japan and Korea as well as dates all over the US. 

On this record a got a chance to have an even larger role on the production/composing side of things, and the mixing jumped up a ton from the first record. Also cut in the studio that used to be in the Highlandtown neighborhood of Baltimore City, I frequently crashed on the couch after late night recording sessions on the way to finishing the best representation of the quintessential Yam sound. 

It is 21 tracks so there was plenty of room for growth and expression particularly on the part of lead vocalist Alison Carney who belted a timeless reinterpretation of Mary J. Blige's "My Life". New additions KJ Dennis and Liz Miller added to the vocal harmony and songwriting as well. It is a rare documentation of a band that actually rehearsed and had a vibe together, with the rhythm section consisting of Dennis Turner,Marcus Jackson, and myself having played together for a solid 5 years.  

Once again, there was a limited print of physical CD's so if you're aiming to collect you might want to move while they're still in print...