Sam Prather - "Split Personalities" (Signed copy)

  • $20.00

Truth be told I'm still a little embarrassed of this record...not the the best sales pitch but hear me out 🤣. This record is a snapshot of my infancy as a producer but still in my prime as a composer. After the work I did with R&B soul band YaMama'Nym at 2AM Music, I decided that I wanted to make a jazz quartet album completely in Propellerhead Reason from songs I'd written over a 4-5 year period. I think the strength of the ideas outweigh the limitations of the medium and my ability to use it at the time, but in a way is a more pure expression of my compositional process that eventually culminated in Groove Orchestra.

I often get asked "how did you program drums like that?", or "how did you make a record in your apartment?", but the answer is all here. Trial and error. Hard, lonely, and meticulous work. I also did the liner notes and album art as well which really began my journey as being both a musical and visual artist. 

In terms of making a midi instrumental jazz album that would be indistinguishable from a recording with "real" instruments, I failed miserably. However, in the case of making a cohesive record that is emotive, and evidence of what can be done with nothing but an idea and the will to see it brought into being, it is a resounding success that I'm extremely proud of. I thank Tre Barr (2AM Music) for supporting the idea enough to print the first run of these CD's, but I very much doubt a second run of these will be printed; so grab a copy of this limited edition collector's item while they're still available.

CD signed by hand ( I'm old school like that )